Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a phone number I can call for more information about my records?

No. The school is closed and does not have any active phone numbers. There are no employees to respond to calls. Please use the mailing address.

I applied for certification through the CAMTC, but my application was put on hold. Why is that happening?

Healing Arts Institute was going through an approval process with the CAMTC at the time the school closed in February 2016. That process is complete now.

CAMTC rendered a decision regarding Healing Arts Institute on June 23, 2016 at their Board Meeting. There was a letter dated August 12, 2016 with their decision. Graduates of Healing Arts Institute will be contacted by the CAMTC regarding the status of their application.

Why is it important to apply for CAMTC certification before June 30th?

Good News!! As of Thursday June 23rd, CAMTC has extended this deadline to December 30, 2016

The deadline was recently extended again by two years to December 31, 2018.

If you are a massage therapist in California and are not yet certified through the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC), it is important that you apply for certification right away. There are some changes being made to regulations that may invalidate your education hours. There are two ways your hours may be invalidated.

Hours may be invalidated from schools that have closed

The CAMTC is planning on not accepting hours from schools that have closed. If your school has closed, or is closing, you have until June 30th to get your transcripts submitted to the CAMTC so your hours will be accepted. Please note that the CAMTC must receive your transcripts by December 30th, if it is postmarked December 30th it would arrive too late. After that, they will not accept hours from schools that are closed.

Schools that are closed are supposed to have a custodian of records that can provide transcripts. You can find information about the custodian of records for your school through the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. http://www.bppe.ca.gov/students/transcripts.shtml For Healing Arts Institute the custodian of records is Lauren McLachlan, and transcript information is at http://healingartsinstitute.com/transcripts/

Hours may be invalidated from schools that are unapproved

The CAMTC is in the process of approving schools, and is planning on not counting hours of education at schools that are not approved.The approval process should be complete by the end of June 2016, and if your school is on the unapproved list then your hours may not count toward certification in California. This is also true if your school does not appear on the approved school list once they update the website to include an approved school listing.

Get your application in now while your hours still count!

It does not matter if you have all the hours you need or if have taken the MBLEx exam. You can start the application process and the hours you have completed will be on file with the CAMTC. You will then be told that your application is incomplete and you will be given a list of what you need to complete for certification, but your hours will be on file and will count.

CAMTC certification is “voluntary” in California, however many cities and counties are now requiring it as a condition of licensure. Even if you are able to practice now without CAMTC certification, it is possible that your local laws will change and you will need the certification in the future.

You can apply for CAMTC certification here: https://www.camtc.org/FormDownload.aspx

If you are already certified through CAMTC do not let your certification lapse!

The CAMTC may not remind you when you need to renew, and if you let your certification lapse there is a fee to pay. If you go beyond their grace period you need to start over with the application process, and hours that may have counted previously may not count when you reapply under the new rules. It is best to maintain your certification once you have it.

We are approaching critical dates for transcript submittals to CAMTC. What can I do to expedite my transcript?

Transcripts are handled on a first come, first served basis. Each request for a transcript is handled as a priority. The only way to have a transcript “expedited” is to have gotten the request in well in advance of the impending deadlines. Those requiring extensive research are handled as soon as possible, however, those which do not require extensive research are handled first in order to meet the deadlines for the most possible. As stated on the Transcript page of the website: “All transcripts will be processed with the June 30th deadline with the CAMTC in mind. “

How are the transcripts sent to CAMTC?

Transcripts are sent in a batch with a listing of what is in the packet. They are mailed Certified, Return Receipt Requested. There is a tracking number associated with the packet. In order to meet the deadline prior to the CAMTC Board meeting, Priority Overnight mail was used with a guaranteed delivery time prior to 10:30 am.

Is it necessary for me to send my transcript request a Certified Return Receipt Requested mail at the cost of nearly $7.00?

Generally, regular mail works just fine. However, should you want to track the mailed item, your post office can advise you about the most cost-effective way. Mail that must be picked up at the post office will have a bit of delay over that which can be delivered to the PO Box at the mailing address. There is not “agent” to sign for deliveries at the mailing address.

Is it helpful or necessary for me to send my transcript request as Priority overnight mail for $22.95 or more?

It is not necessary to incur the extra expense. The best way to ensure your transcripts reach CAMTC in time to beat the deadline is to request them in a timely fashion.

Is it helpful to include a Priority Overnight envelope for my transcripts to be sent to CAMTC?

It would be a wasted expenditure on your part. All Transcripts are sent to CAMTC in a batch via trackable manner. When there is a deadline to be met that warrants a Priority Overnight package, the Custodian of Records takes care of that. The envelope will most likely not be used at all.

I will be in the area. Can I drop off my request?

No. All items must go through the US Mail.

I procrastinated and the deadline is close. Can I drop off my request?

No. All items must go through the US Mail.

I just found out about the deadline. Can I drop off my request?

No. All items must go through the US Mail.

If I am at the same place at the same time you are, can I drop off my request?

No. All items must go through the US Mail.

I am curious how many hours of education I have taken, what classes I have taken. Can you just email me that information? I don’t need a transcript sent to CAMTC.

This may have been in practice when the school was open. To provide that information informally takes the same amount of research as to prepare a transcript. Please see the directions to order transcripts. Transcript requests with a deadline to meet for CAMTC take precedence over general questions.

Do I need to take the MBLEX exam and have it sent in with my application to the CAMTC?

Not right away. The important thing is to get your transcripts submitted and your application. They will start a file for you and the other components of your file will be added to it when they receive them. That includes the live scan fingerprints and your MBLEX results. It is not possible to have everything sent in at the same time, as they are being sent if from different sources. You send in your application, your school or the custodian of record sends in the transcripts, the live scan place sends in your fingerprints electronically, and the MBLEX testing center sends in your test results. It is important to have your application on file, so everything can be attached to it, and it is important to have your transcripts sent in, so your hours are protected. The other parts of your file can wait, and it is better to finish your schooling before taking the MBLEX so you can do better on the exam.

How long do I have to complete my application with the CAMTC after submitting it?

The CAMTC will tell you that you have one year to complete everything, however you can take more time than that. After one year your file will become inactive, but it can be reactivated at a later date.

I’m already certified with CAMTC. I can’t remember if they have my full list of classes or just what I had completed at the time I submitted my application. I may have taken more classes after I applied for certification. Should I submit my transcript to them again just in case?

It would depend upon whether you are certified as a CMP (Massage Practitioner – 250-hour tier) or a CMT (Massage Therapist – 500-hour tier). If you are a CMT there is no need to do anything except to keep renewing your certification every two years. If you are a CMP and you have hours in excess of the 250 you needed, then you may want to protect those extra hours by having your transcripts sent to the CAMTC. At a later date if you wish to become a CMT those hours will already be on file with the CAMTC.

How do I upgrade from CMP to CMT with the CAMTC?

For upgrade from CMP to CMT, please use the following form. You can submit a credit card or check payment with this form or you can use their online payment page, in which you would need to log in:


To upgrade, you will need to complete education to equal a total of 500 hours and pass a CAMTC approved exam. You can contact CAMTC if you need to know how many hours are needed to upgrade at cs@camtc.org

CAMTC approved exams are as follows:

Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEX)

Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCETMB)

National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) – Taken on or before February 1, 2015

National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage (NCETM) – Taken on or before February 1, 2015

New York State Massage Therapy Examination

The other exams from the NCBTMB will be accepted if taken and passed in the past. The last day the NCBTMB administered an exam was on February 1, 2015.

For new students who have not taken the NCBTMB exam, their only option right now would be to take and pass the MBLEx.

Is there a phone number I can call for more information about my records?

No. The school is closed and does not have any active phone numbers. There are no employees to respond to calls. Please use the mailing address.

I need copies of my receipts for Tax (or other) purposes. How can I obtain them?

The Custodian of Records does not have access to the accounting records for Healing Arts Institute. Check your bank or credit card statements for proof of payment. Check with your Tax Adviser or The IRS on how to handle “lost or destroyed records” for your tax reporting issues if you cannot find your proof of payment and need it for your tax returns.

I would like another copy of my Certificate of Graduation (Diploma) from Healing Arts Institute. How do obtain that?

The Custodian of Records is not authorized to re-issue certificates. Unfortunately there is no way to obtain a replacement.

Do you know where I can pick up the extra hours I will need that will allow me to get my CMT through the state?

There are three local schools listed on the home page. You may check with them to see if they will accept you at advanced standing based on the hours you have at Healing Arts Institute. Please make sure your Healing Arts Institute transcript is sent to the CAMTC, as they will need transcripts from all the schools you attend.

Fair Oaks Massage Institute

National Holistic Institute

Massage Therapy Institute

I attended the Body Institute in Granite Bay. How do I get transcripts from them?

For our students who also attended the Body Institute in Granite Bay: We cannot supply transcripts for any other school. However, we have been in contact with the Custodian of Records for TBI and have the following information: Graduates of The Body Institute who would like to obtain Transcripts can do so by contacting The Custodian of Record at TheBodyInstituteRecords@gmail.com The information on the HAI website regarding transcripts is NOT for use by TBI graduates. Nor can we accept transcript requests for any other school.

I understand there was an investigation of the school under the ownership of the third owner. What was the outcome?

Quoting from the letter from CAMTC with final decision on the proposed un-approval of the schools:

“After careful consideration of all the evidence in your case, including documentation, your oral presentation, and statements made to CAMTC representatives by your custodian of records, CAMTC has decided to un-approve your Tuina programs, but not your school.”

“CAMTC further found that some of your school’s massage programs (specifically the Tuina programs) were not BPPE approved and therefore do not meet the requirements in Business and Professions Code section4601 (a)(1). in that the education was completed at a location that was not BPPE approved and/or was provided in a language other than English.”

Will my transcripts be accepted by CAMTC?

As listed on the CAMTC website:



CAMTC will not accept transcripts from schools that are not approved by BPPE or by another agency or institution listed in Business and Professions Code section 4601(a). The following schools fail to meet the definition of a CAMTC approved school as set forth in Business and Professions Code section 4601(a)(1)-(5):

8. Healing Arts Institute – Tuina program – San Francisco Location (Education received at the Citrus Heights location may still be used for CAMTC certification purposes.)


CAMTC will consider the following massage schools as not meeting the definition of an “approved school” in CAMTC’s enabling law. Other schools may be added to this list from time to time so please continue to check this website before submitting a transcript. Applicants whose applications are received before the effective date listed here, and which include education from the following schools remain eligible to provide additional proof of their education. Applications received on or after the date listed below will not be able to use education from an un-approved school or program to meet the educational requirements for certification

Effective July 1, 2016

1. Healing Arts Institute – Tuina program – Milpitas, J Street and Stockton Blvd locations (Education received at the Citrus Heights location may still be used for CAMTC certification purposes)